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How to contact us at the Sons of the American Legion


Detachment of Illinois

Proud possessors of a priceless heritage....

"Land of Lincoln"

Detachment of Illinois

Flag Day

Flag Day - June 14 "Fly the flag"

Sons of the American Legion 

to assist in carrying on for God and Country

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Detachment of Illinois

get in touch

Contact Information


Sons of the American Legion - Department of Illinois

Send your membership inquiries to:

Cheryl Hutson
- Membership Secretary

P.O. BOX 2910

Bloomington, IL 61702

Phone: (309) 663-0361 Fax: (309) 663-5783

All other inquiries and correspondence

Jeffrey Van Horn - Detachment Adjutant

Email: adj@il-sal.org Fax: (312) 253-7616

Contact List:

Contact via email:

Detachment Commander


Detachment Senior Vice Commander


Detachment Webmaster



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