Congratulations to 

Phillip Shipley

Sons of The American Legion Detachment Commander - Illinois

Hello! My name is Phil Shipley, and I was elected as the Son’s latest Detachment Commander at the Fifty-third annual Detachment Convention of the Illinois Sons of The American Legion, held in Wauconda, Illinois, June 24 -26, 2016. I am proud to be serving as Commander and will strive hard to continue the traditions of service to our Veterans, our children, and our communities passed down from past generations of The American Legion Family.

The theme for the upcoming Illinois S A L year will be - “Shooting for Membership”!
My membership to the Sons of The American Legion spans over seventeen years of continuous service for God and Country. My eligibility in the Sons of The American Legion is through my deceased father, C. Robert Shipley a Vietnam veteran, and grandfathers C. Lee Richards, and George Ernest Shipley, both of whom served in the US Army in World War One. I want to start by thanking all of our veterans, our Illinois Legionnaires! Thank you for your service. To our dual members, thank you for your commitment to The American Legion Family. I am a retired employee of the University of Illinois where I worked as an Building Service Worker at the Illini Union facility in Urbana Illinois.
I have always been active in the programs and activities of the Sons of The American Legion. I have served my Squadron, District, Division and Detachment in many positions and with many responsibilities. I have been a member of many committees and commissions, serving as Detachment Promoter for the American Legion Child Welfare Foundation and the Children’s Miracle Network. I served as Detachment Historian for eight years where I was also an ex-officio member of the Contest, Committee. I have just completed my first year of the SAL National Management Institute and hope to graduate that course in 2018. I wish to thank my friends and family for their support, love, and patience. Without them to guide and encourage me, my climb through the chairs of the Sons of The American Legion from the Squadron to the Detachment level would not have been possible!
Since 1932 the Sons of The American Legion have been vital part of the American Legion Family. Imagine that conventions, meetings, dinners, fundraisers, and installations, have been taking place somewhere every year for the past 85 years! WOW! Veterans helping veterans, SONS helping children, the entire Legion Family supporting the four Pillars for almost 100 years! During the coming year, I have decided to focus our support on two American Legion programs.

The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation: Thanks to the dedicated efforts of all of our members, we will once again be promoting donations to the Child Welfare Foundation, “For the Betterment of Children Everywhere!”. Our Goal? $10,000. The American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund: The Legacy fund now most identified with American Legion Riders all across this country, is the second program on which we have set our sights. This fund provides college scholarships for the children of veterans who have given their lives in service to our country. Our Goal? $10,000 I am humbled by your confidence in me to serve as your Detachment Commander this coming year. Please follow me as together we will continue to serve our communities, our children and our Veterans, “Shooting for Membership!”

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"Shooting for Membership"