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Officers of the Organization

Information on how to contact an officer

Detachment of Illinois

Proud possessors of a priceless heritage....

"Land of Lincoln"

Detachment of Illinois

Sons of the American Legion

to assist in carrying on for God and Country

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Detachment of Illinois

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2018-2019 Detachment of Illinois Officers

Detachment Commander

Eugene Gort

Detachement Senior Vice Commander

Phil Stander



 Jr. Vice Commander   Detachement Adjutant
    Jeffrey Van Horn
Assistant Adjutant   Chaplain
Harl "Butch" Ray John Nemanich
Finance Officer Historian  
Robert L. Tharp   Phillip S. Shipley
duckbob1@yahoo.com    filup54@gmail.com
Judge Advocate   Parliamentarian
J.R. Stillwell   Tommie Cisna
tinsoldier24@gmail.com   Natlcom08.09@gmail.com
Service Officer    Webmaster
Ed Cavanaugh   Sergio V. Senese Jr.
Broncoe44@yahoo.com   webmaster@il-sal.org
N. E.C.   Alt. N. E. C.
Jimmy Hunter   Mark Melone
 NEC@IL-SAL.org   Gcsordmem2@aol.com
Sgt-At-Arms   Commanders Asst. Sergeant-at-Arms
Jeff Haddick   Zach Van Horn 
Commanders Asst. Sergeant-at-Arms    Sr. Vice Asst.  Sergeant -at-Arms
Chris Schoo   Seth Mount
Commanders Aide   Commanders Aide
Keith Radnitzer   Jeff Trout
Sr. Vice Aide   Immediate Past Detachment Commander
Bill Geary Paul A. Hayse
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